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So many FREE books to download! Wonderful! Haven't seen a site that has more to give at the press of a mouse button! --- Ellen Uecker, Cameron, Wisconsin USA

Dadaji's message has a great value for today since it cuts through the rites, rituals, practices and beliefs unique to different religions and brings out their true essence. Hence his teachings can be greatly unifying in the divided world we live in today. He has shown the simplest but the most profound way to connect to God through MahaNam and live a joyful existence moment to moment in spite of lifes many challenges and adversities and seeing all existence as none but Him. Lastly, your website is very well designed. It is a gem. --- Kalyan, Maryland, USA

A most inspiring website. I find myself experiencing waves of peace just reading Dadaji's writing. Thank you for such a wonderful website. --- Dennis Miller, Brookline, Mass USA

Thank you for the books. First time I read THE TRUTH WITHIN was on the internet. That night the room was filled with His Fragrance. I had to get the books! --- Daniel Mammone, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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Videos look great, Ann! The video with the captions are priceless. --- Rudrashekhar Das, New Jersey USA

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Rose The two most important discoveries you will ever make are who you are and what you are to do. It is not by chance you surfed into this web site. Here you can look within and find answers to your life's deepest questions and download many free Dadaji books.

One mystifying, loving and healing experience people all over the world have after learning about Dadaji is Divine Fragrance. Fragrance happens not only to those who met Dadaji, but also to those who read books about him or meet Dadaji in this web site.

Challenging old notions of spirituality and religion, Dadaji reminds you God is within. Looking within is easy and natural. You don't have to torture your mind or body to find God. Just doing your best in your daily life is rough enough.

Dadaji's simple message helps you make sense out of your fast-paced world and cope with life's unpredicable, inevitable difficulties. Realize God is within. No guru, teacher or priest is needed for you to feel your nearest and dearest friend, lover and guide within your heart.

No organization to join, no rituals or attendance requirements, no money for mantras or spiritual techniques, no donations to support religious business ventures, no profit or power motives. Remaining true to Dadaji's philosophy, all efforts related to books are supported by full time work in other areas of interest including engineering consulting, real estate and financial investment. Dadaji indicated it is fair to charge for books as they cost money to produce and distribute, however we have decided at this time to provide all books online and send gift packages of information to those who are interested.

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Dadaji (Da'da-jee)
Elder Brother

Explore 50+ web pages --- download free Dadaji books --- and read "The Truth Within" online, the most comprehensive collection of Dadaji's inspirational, often provocative comments about many vital subjects of interest. Read intimate accounts of people who met Dadaji detailing their often extraordinary, even miraculous, experiences.

For a quick look within you will find answers to 6 of life's deepest questions.

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The moment I received this spiritual message about God, I felt such tremendous inner peace and love. Dadaji's message deeply touched my soul. God Bless this web site with the nectar of God's love and salvation for every one of us. I sense an aura of peace that radiates from these pages. I feel they were created with love and understanding. These vibrations touched my inner soul. There are no words to express my feelings of happiness at this moment. Thank you. --- Rigo Muniz, Royal Palm Beach, Florida USA

Thank you very much for your web-site! Found it a couple of days ago and have been back many times. It is very beautiful and very well-maintained site, quite impressive. I had never heard of Dadaji but... he looks very familiar and so does the cover of the book, LOOK WITHIN. I ordered the book and eagerly await its arrival. In the meantime, I download, print out, and read pages from your web-site. --- David Poole, Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Your site is beautiful, and Dadaji's message sings in my heart. --- In joy, Steven Ings

The deepest lesson I ever got from Dadaji was given with the help of a box of matches and a box of Wills brand cigarettes. Dadaji took the two items, one in each hand, and said, "Do you know what life is?" I said, "No." Then Dadaji repeated a motion bringing the two boxes together, then apart, together, then apart....again and again. Steady attraction. It is the energy between the poles. You cannot be attracted all the time. There must also be something which is the same as out breathing. This "not coming together," that it isn't; it's a steady attraction, and again attraction, and again attraction. What we have to learn is that to be with Him is not only the moment of fulfillment where you have Him in your arms, it is also the longing for this moment and it is also the other time before. This all belongs together. Everything is He. There is not a second where you are alone because it is all One. You are never alone. And, this is I think the most wonderful message. --- Dr Peter Meyer-Dohm, Bochum, Germany

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