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This is a very intense and well thought out page. Endless paths to follow and hours of information, all in one site. This is a very advanced site, one of the most advanced I've seen. I recommend it to those of you who are learning enhanced. Keep track of the clock, though! --- Michael Easton at
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What a joy it was to find this website! I work as a graphic designer in San Francisco and find visiting your website, listening to the music, and just being in Dadaji's presence helps guide me through the day. A heartfelt thank you....In His Fragrance....Cindy Blake, San Francisco, California USA How wonderful and inspiring!!! I made copies of almost all of it for my parents and friends! Thank you for your website. I will be back often.
--- Cheri Morris, Cantonment, Florida USA
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Who is Dadaji? Article by Maco Stewart. "A jewel" offering lovely introduction to Dadaji.
Heart of Dadaji's Message Concise summary of Dadaji's message & philosophy
Dadaji's Fragrance Have you experienced it yet?
Biography Detailed information about Dadaji's life (January 13, 1906 - June 7, 1992)
"Ramaiva Sharanam" Recording, score & translation of song written & composed by Dadaji
God is the Guru Dadaji said, "I am not a Guru. I am nobody. God is within each and everybody."
Rare Personal Interview with Dadaji & Newspaper articles about Dadaji
Mahanam Dadaji said, "Do nothing but remember Mahanam, a key that opens every door."
Video & Audio
Streaming Video Video selections, with captions, of Dadaji talking in Los Angeles California USA
Streaming Audio tracks with Dadaji talking & singing, also Bruce Kell's account of Puja and more
Contact Information
THE TRUTH WITHIN by Dadaji, ed. Ann Mills --- Read WEB HTML PAGES online --- Download FREE PDF file(s)
Most comprehensive book written about Dadaji's philosophy. Includes all published & recorded comments by Dadaji about 49 key topics like: God, Truth, Love, life, death, religion, reality. Plus amazing accounts & more.
LOOK WITHIN - Inspirations of Love, ed. Ann Mills --- Reviews --- Request FREE copy by mail
Concise collection of Dadaji's sayings. Provocative, easy to read, arranged by topics of interest.
HIS FRAGRANCE Dadaji Read Online
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Other Books: "Destiny with Dadaji" by Abhi Bhattacharya & "The Fragrance of the Heart" by Peter Meyer-Dohm
Comments & Accounts
Personal Accounts of meeting Dadaji
Comments from readers and web site visitors
Abhi Bhattacharaya's Letters Intimate, profound & detailed correspondence to Ann Mills about Dadaji
2 Transcribed talks by Dr. Peter Meyer-Dohm Key discussions of Dadaji's philosophy
Key Questions & Topics
Who am I?
Where did I come from?
Why am I here?
What am I to do?
How can I find God?
When I die where will I go?
Why do I suffer?
God is the Guru
Health & Happiness
Sex, Desire & Orgasm
Money & Wealth
Dadaji exposes "Miracles"
Dadaji's Fragrance
Materialization of Objects
Bi & Multilocation
Supernatural Phenomena
In Dadaji's Presence
Manifestation of Documents
Changing Weather

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