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Via email: This book radiates divine feelings. The content is simple and that makes it credible because the Truth is to be understood by all. Its teachings are love promoting, and my belief is that Love is the greatest Truth we may grasp on earth. I will read its pages often. Thank you very much! Hoping to hear from you soon.

(11:33 minutes) Bruce Kell from Strathfield, Australia, made this 1975 recording of Dadaji singing Sanskrit Sloka song during the Utsav Celebration in Calcutta India.

by Dadaji
edited by Ann Mills

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Introduction Title page, Contents, About the Book, What it's like to meet Dadaji, Sri Satyanarayan Portrait

Part I - Remember Him
Part I - 1.1
Part I - 1.2
Part I - 1.3
Part I - 1.4
Part II - Do your Duty
Part II - 2.1
Part II - 2.2
Part III - Enjoy Life with Him
Part III - 3.1
Part III - 3.2
Part IV - On Dadaji
Part IV - 4.1
Part IV - 4.2
Part IV - 4.3
Part IV - 4.4
Part IV - 4.5
Part IV - 4.6
Part IV - 4.7
Part V - Dadaji on His Own
Part V - 5.1
Part VI - Dadaji on Miracles
Part VI - 6.1
Part VII - Extraordinary Experiences
Part VII - 7.1
Part VII - 7.2
Glossary and Bibliography - 8.1
Ramaiva Sharanam Song - 8.2

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First Edition, June 1987 (out-of-print)
Printed in the United States of America
Publisher: Amida Press, Westport Washington USA
ISBN 0-942687-02-7
Library of Congress Catalog Card No 88-71322

Dec 2003 Reviewer: danielm79
The Truth Within is a remarkable book about life, love, happiness, truth and God -- some of the most quintessential questions we face. Have you ever asked yourself the following questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? How do I find God? Then this book will surely help you answer those questions and more.

The book is easy to follow and provides a wonderful journey with a most humble guide, that person being known as Dadaji (elder brother). Edited by Ann Mills, The Truth Within illustrates Dadaji's message; simply, that you don't need to retreat to the Himalayas and become an ascetic to realise God, nor do you have to become a vegetarian or practice meditation for hours on end to relish in His love -- God is within and so very near, all we have to do is remember Him. That's it!

I particularly enjoyed reading this book as it covered numerous topics such as, life, truth, God, God's name, death, meditation, yoga, wealth, desire, attachment and detachment, the future, relationships, space & time, reality, and love. It also includes personal accounts and newspaper articles about Dadaji.

Dadaji challenges notions of organised religions, priests, gurus, rituals, mantras, spiritual techniques, the New Age, and asks people to simply look within - it doesn't cost anything and you don't have to go to India, a temple, a mosque, a crazy cult, or church to do it! If you have been searching for answers, and have tried everything, you won't regret reading this book, as I think it will reveal to you that, in Dadaji's own words: "Truth is One. Almighty is One. Humanity is One. Religion is One. Language is One. God is within as Mahanam (God's Name) and available to you the moment you remember His Name, Gopal Govinda."

3 Read THE TRUTH WITHIN (2nd Edition) on linked web page htm files below:

About The Book
What it's Like to Meet Dadaji
Sri Sri Satyanarayan Portrait

Part I: Remember Him
1 Truth is One
2 Almighty is One
3 Look Within
4 God is Within as Mahanam
5 His Fragrance Beckons You
6 Pathways to Truth: God's Name and Love
7 Religion is One
8 God is the Guru
9 Language is One
10 Teachers & Teachings of Truth
11 No Spiritual Practices Are Required
12 You are the Temple of God
13 The Only Sin is Ignorance
14 Good & Evil are Reflections of Mind
15 Take Refuge in Mahanam
16 Patience is Strength
17 Ego Separates You from Truth
18 Intellect Cannot Understand Truth
19 Truth is Beyond Your Mind
20 Divine Will Moves You to Perfection
21 Divine Consciousness is Within and Without

Part II: Do Your Duty
22 Your Only Duty is to Remember Him
23 Remember Him Amidst Your Work
24 Attachment & Detachment
25 Worldly Wealth is Temporary
26 Put God at the Helm
27 Relationships: Perform Your Duty and Remember Him
28 Your Body is the Temple of the Supreme
29 Your Senses are for Tasting His Love
30 Physical Nature: He Appears as Many
31 The World: Playground of the Almighty
32 Space & Time Exist Only in your Mind
33 Reality is One
34 We're Acting in His Divine Play

Part III: Enjoy Life With Him
35 Love is the Answer
36 Purpose of Life: Relish His Love, Enjoy His Play
37 Your Destiny is Truth
38 Human Birth, a Rare Gift
39 Life is Eternal
40 Betrothed to Him, You Relish His Love
41 Surrender Yourself in Full Faith
42 Mahanam Alone Brings Peace
43 His Grace is Mahanam
44 Realization Unfolds Naturally with Mahanam
45 Worship: The Worshiped and the Worshiper are One
46 Utsav: The Illumination of Truth
47 Humanity is One
48 Let the Future Feature Him
49 The Golden Age of Truth

Part IV: On Dadaji
1 A Biographical Sketch
2 Dadaji on Dadaji
3 Dadaji's Tape Recorded Comments
4 Abhi's Letters to Ann - Abhi Bhattacharya
5 Twenty Years with Shri Dadaji - Mrs. Roma Mukerjee Melrose
6 Dadaji: A Gospel of Love - Prof. Dr. Peter Meyer-Dohm
7 Letter to Dadaji - Bruce Kell
8 Life With Dadaji - Judith Maltese, B.S., M.A.
9 Dadaji: The Apostle of Truth - Dr. Brian Schaller
10 My Dadaji Experiences - Dr. Lalit Pandit
11 Exuberant Divine Experience - Mr. S.B. Pandya
12 Dadaji: A Love Story - Ann Mills
13 Dadaji: The Limitless Nobody - Dr. Eugene N. Kovalenko
14 The Great Designer - Henry Miller
15 Dadaji: A Miracle - Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
16 What is Truth: Dadaji Answers - J. Krishnamurti
17 Dadaji: The Black Hole of Galaxies - Dr. T. Mukherji
18 Mahapuja, Mahanam and Revelations - Mr. & Mrs. G.T. Kamdar
19 Return to Divinity - Dr. R.L. Datta
20 Who is Dadaji? - Dr. Nanilal Sen
21 Dadaji: Elder Brother - Maco Stewart, NBC television
22 Dadaji: A Rare Personal Interview - Maco Stewart, NBC television
23 Newspaper Articles Excellent Blitz article by Hans Conrad Zander!

Part V: Dadaji On His Own

Part VI: Dadaji On Miracles

Part VII: Extraordinary Experiences

1 In Dadaji's Presence
2 His Divine Fragrance
3 Charanjal
4 He is Everywhere
5 Manifestations of His Message
6 Extraordinary Materialization of Objects
7 Changing Weather
8 Supernatural Phenomena
9 Miraculous Healing
10 Satyanarayan Comes for His Own

Dadaji: The Truth Within
Ramaiva Sharanam Song
Glossary of Terms
Summary of Dadaji's Message & Bibliography

THE TRUTH WITHIN, Dadaji, has moved me profoundly. I have always believed that Name is the highest and most direct path to God. I used to follow the various traditions of many masters, but found the teachings are steeped in the Guru/disciple relationship, plush Ashrams, and money taking traditions with controversy over succession. I became discouraged and left. Thank heavens for the saving Grace of Dadaji amidst all the confusion. --- N. Turlock, British Columbia CANADA

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